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    Petrus Schroderus – The Tenor

    Petrus Schroderus first turned from a police officer  into an opera singer, then back from an opera singer into a police officer, and finally – from a police officer into a phenomenon!

    The career of a policeman, Petrus Schroderus from Oulu, as an opera singer began, actually, with his victory in the Timo Mustakallio singing competition at the Savonlinna Opera Festival in the summer of 2004. Within the following years, his contract with the Finnish National Opera brought him leading roles in several operas. Petrus also performed in the Savonlinna Opera Festival productions and as a concert soloist in different parts of the world. His video performances on YouTube have aroused enormous interest in different parts of  the world. Most notably, Rakastan elämää (Love you life), which has already been viewed almost four million times on YouTube.

    In 2012, Petrus returned to his hometown Oulu to work as a police officer, but the spark of singing did not fade away. Now, years later, the focus of Petrus’ music has changed from opera to evergreen classics and folk music, and the popularity has skyrocketed. Petrus quit police work in the summer of 2022 to fully focus on his career as a singer. The phenomenon – Petrus Schroderus – was born. 

    The prevailing situation in Ukraine has created compassion for people living in the midst of war. Petrus has performed at several charity events organised on behalf of Ukraine. His performance of the Ukrainian song Nich jaka misjachna has already collected more than two million views on YouTube.